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Liverpool fans and Harry Potter fans and all-around cool people welcome.
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12-18-07. 23:50

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. =)

At the movies in 2009...

I was just perusing a "50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2009" article and was thinking about some movies I'm looking forward to. So here's my short, short list (in order by date) of films I have high hopes for:

17 Again (4/17) I know the whole "middle-aged adult reliving childhood" bit has been done, but I like the looks of this one. It seems like a new way of doing it. And I like Matthew Perry, so there we go.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (5/1) I wasn't really into the idea of having an X-Men movie that only featured Wolverine as the main player, but the trailer to this movie looks pretty kick-ass. Plus, it has Gambit in it so I'm definitely excited about seeing this film. If anything, it can't be any worse than X3.
Terminator Salvation (5/22) I haven't even seen the third Terminator movie, but Christian Bale is John Conner. And that's all I really need.
Up (5/29) I'd never heard about Up until today, but it's Disney Pixar's latest 3-D animated movie. The old man looks like he'll be hilarious.
The Proposal (6/12) I just saw the trailer for this movie and thought it was great. I can't wait to see this movie. It looks like it will be a refreshing change from the last dreary romantic comedy I saw (Made of Honor - ugh). I hope I'm not wrong.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (7/17) I was very disappointed when WB moved this film back, so July 2009 can't come soon enough. This is my most-anticipated film of 2009, hands down. HBP was a great book, and its movie version brings back the last HP movie director, who I thought did a stunning job with Order of the Phoenix. Can't wait for this film!
The Princess and the Frog (12/25) This is a 2-D Disney animated feature, and it's directed by the guys of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, so I'm hoping this'll be a long-awaited Disney Classic. I'm not holding my breath, though. It takes place in New Orleans, so it can't be all bad.

I'm sure there are others I haven't heard of or haven't seen the trailer for. I'll probably go see Angels & Demons and New Moon. I have to see the trailer for Sherlock Holmes before I decide on that on. Though I'm not a big Jude Law fan, so I don't know. Any other films I'm missing that should impress? Let me know.

Good evening, sports fans...

I have no doubt that if LSU had a quarterback - ANY quarterback - at the helm of this team who had an ounce of confidence as well as a decent arm that we would be undefeated. Or at least 8-1. I really, really would love to see Lee emerge in Brees-esque form next season and totally prove me wrong in everything I think about him... but it's just not looking good. Come on, man. Six picks returned for touchdowns? Horrible. NCAA record. God-awful.

Not that LSU is alone. All Louisiana teams have been completely out of form this year in comparison with last year:

LSU in 2007: 2007 NCAA National Champions. Overall record of 12-2 (Unbeaten in regulation time, losses occured after 3 OTs).
LSU in 2008: Yeah, we're 6-3. And it can most definitely arguably be blamed on Lee.

New Orleans Saints in 2007 2006: Okay, so we sucked in 2007 too, ultimately going 7-9. But in 2006, the Saints went 10-6, winning the NFC South and competing in the NFC Championship, nearly making it to the Superbowl. The best we've ever done in franchise history.
New Orleans Saints in 2008: Currently 4-5. Granted, our early losses would have (likely) been wins if we had even a semi-decent kicker and a smaller injured reserve list. Our first three losses were by 5 point, 2 point, and 3 point margins, respectively. So we should be 7-2. Should.

New Orleans Hornets in 2007-08: 56-26, a franchise record number of wins. Went to the West Conference Semifinals after an amazing season that rejuvenated New Orleans' interest in basketball.
New Orleans Hornets in 2008-09: 4-3. Okay, so it's way too early to start saying anything about this season. Perhaps I'm still smarting over coming within 3 points of beating the Lakers after, at one time, suffering a 23 point deficit. Ugh.

Well, the Phillies won the World Series this year. So that's good. And at least Liverpool is on a good run. And the Saints won in England. Maybe this is only my year for games played in England.

Vikings 30 - 27 Saints

And this pic pretty much sums up today's game. So, so close to the win but it just slipped through our fingers. Very frustrated by today's result. We should have this game in our pocket, easily, from the start. I cannot believe the number of miscues and penalties we racked up in this game.

Really, in a day where Reggie is able to return 2 punts for TDs? How is it we lost? I can't help but think that Grammatica's first field goal attempt that was blocked just destroyed our focus. But come on, now. We couldn't gain that momentum back AND make something of it after Reggie's unbelievable runs?



Damn you, WB. Damn you.

I'm sorry, but I'm still thoroughly pissed off at the rescheduling of the Half-Blood Prince film release.

I wonder how much thought was actually put into this decision. Or if anyone thought about how much this affects those outside the creation of this movie. I just remember that HBP was the film chosen for the 2008 Royal Film Performance. What are they going to do now?

I'm so effing bitter about this. >:o

New HBP pic(s)

Here is one of the new photos that was released for the new Half-Blood Prince movie.  Hedwig's in the background! Look!


Finally - finally - there are some promotional photos for the new Half-Blood Prince movie. It's freak'n July.  Sure, the film doesn't come out until November, but Twilight released its teaser in May and that movie opens in December. There are actually two pictures like the one above, except the second has Ron sitting between them holding a pan of biscuits or some other food item. To be honest, I'm more anxious for the teaser trailer that I was expecting to be attached to the Narnia film back in May. But I'm not complaining. I love this director. I hope he does a hell of a job with this film and with the next two.

I cannot wait until this movie is released!

Viva España!


AMAZING final! Absolutely amazing. A great end to an exciting tournament. Thank God we have a big screen TV at my work. Unfortunately I missed a chunk of the second half because I had to actually do some work, but whatever - a fantastic game. El Niño's goal was pure force of will. After so many opportunities that just disappeared, I'm happy Torres was able to score the goal that won the final. Everyone on the Spanish team was so great, though. Excellent soccer played by Spain.

I think this is the first time I've correctly predicted the winner of a tournament/championship (well, soccer-wise) at the beginning. Ha ha.

New Kit - Behind the Scenes

I was YouTubing some Torres videos and came across this. It's a behind the scenes look at the Adidas promotional shooting for the new Liverpool kits.  Awesome video. =) It's also the first time I've heard Torres being interviewed in English.

On a related note, I forgot about how many crap videos there are on YouTube. I found one compilation of Torres and his girlfriend that was, for the 40 seconds I watched it, just a series of colorful backgrounds and Spanish words. Ugh.