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Good evening, sports fans...

I have no doubt that if LSU had a quarterback - ANY quarterback - at the helm of this team who had an ounce of confidence as well as a decent arm that we would be undefeated. Or at least 8-1. I really, really would love to see Lee emerge in Brees-esque form next season and totally prove me wrong in everything I think about him... but it's just not looking good. Come on, man. Six picks returned for touchdowns? Horrible. NCAA record. God-awful.

Not that LSU is alone. All Louisiana teams have been completely out of form this year in comparison with last year:

LSU in 2007: 2007 NCAA National Champions. Overall record of 12-2 (Unbeaten in regulation time, losses occured after 3 OTs).
LSU in 2008: Yeah, we're 6-3. And it can most definitely arguably be blamed on Lee.

New Orleans Saints in 2007 2006: Okay, so we sucked in 2007 too, ultimately going 7-9. But in 2006, the Saints went 10-6, winning the NFC South and competing in the NFC Championship, nearly making it to the Superbowl. The best we've ever done in franchise history.
New Orleans Saints in 2008: Currently 4-5. Granted, our early losses would have (likely) been wins if we had even a semi-decent kicker and a smaller injured reserve list. Our first three losses were by 5 point, 2 point, and 3 point margins, respectively. So we should be 7-2. Should.

New Orleans Hornets in 2007-08: 56-26, a franchise record number of wins. Went to the West Conference Semifinals after an amazing season that rejuvenated New Orleans' interest in basketball.
New Orleans Hornets in 2008-09: 4-3. Okay, so it's way too early to start saying anything about this season. Perhaps I'm still smarting over coming within 3 points of beating the Lakers after, at one time, suffering a 23 point deficit. Ugh.

Well, the Phillies won the World Series this year. So that's good. And at least Liverpool is on a good run. And the Saints won in England. Maybe this is only my year for games played in England.